Relax your mind.  In harmony.   In the embrace of nature. Fresh air.   Pleasant atmosphere. Unforgettable experience.   Feel the tradition.

Welcome to Mravljevi Villa

Mornings at Mravljevi Villa greet you with gentle sounds of songbirds and nature in Vipava valley. Breakfast awaits: delicious coffee with local delicacies. The smell of wood and clay and stunning view of the surrounding hills create a harmony of sensations filling you with calm and homeliness. Villa breaths as one with nature and creates an oasis of peace for those who wish to flee the city hustle.

Start the day with a refreshing plunge into the pool and let the sun warm your skin. On a sunny terrace, hidden from curious glances, you can try your hand at preparing delicious grilled meal or enjoy a glass of aromatic wine from villa's wine cellar. Indulge in an evening sauna to relieve stress and invigorate your body. Lie down besides the fireplace and feel the spirit of the house which has stood on this place for over 100 years.

Fresh air, pleasant climate and limitless hills, covered with vineyards and orchards, invites you to discover the region which offers countless opportunities for trips, culinary experiences and wine  tasting with many nearby winemakers.

Mravljevi Villa is your hedonistic escape. Either for a weekend or longer vacation, it is a perfect destination to relax your mind and enjoy the harmony of modern design, rolling hills and mountains in the distance.